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Since I’m in London right now, I have to give a shout out to a British shoe brand I recently discovered.

After binge eating some Old School Frozen Custard up in Capitol Hill a few weeks ago (chocolate for the win!), we were walking by Rock Paper Scissors and were suddenly drawn into the store by the most adorable bulldog ever, Ghost Face Killah. Seriously, that’s her name.

But anyway. We went in, thinking there was a good chance it would carry up to men’s size size 15 since it’s all about the urban footwear scene. Low and behold, they did, so we got to trying on different styles.

It was then that we both fell in love with Pointer footwear. The shoes have a touch of that urban swag, mixed with the minimalist canvas silhouette typical of Urban Outfitters. Plus, after I tried on the Hannah’s (#8 below), I was hooked. They are so comfortable. I didn’t end up purchasing them because I wanted the green and they only had navy, but you better believe I will be seeking these out while in Londontown.


Men’s Footwear
1. Barajas Mids II, 2. Barajas II, 3. Mathieson, 4. Randall

Women’s Footwear
5. Caz, 6. A.F.D., 7. Farai, 8. Hannah


Article Source: TEC

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