Some ‘FACTS’ on Easter

Oooo Easter… how the kiddos love the Easter Egg hunts, and the free candy. Has any noticed that more than 1 holiday out of the year revolves around giving children plenty of candy while trying to smuggle in the ‘meaning’ afterwards. It doesn’t work PARENTS! These children are on such a sugar high… they miss the entire message. The Easter basket had one too many chocolate bunny’s inside. Your child is now in a chocolate coma. SAVE YOURSELF! Teach them a lil something before pumping them full of sugars.

On to a lighter note!! Here are some EASTER Facts that I’m sure you’ve been DYING to read!! Read on our peeps… READ ON!

  • The first Easter baskets were made to look like bird’s nests.
  • The traditional act of painting eggs is called Pysanka.
  • The custom of giving eggs at Easter time has been traced back to Egyptians, Persians, Gauls, Greeks and Romans, to whom the egg was a symbol of life.
  • In medieval times a festival of egg-throwing was held in church, during which the priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choir boys. It was then tossed from one choir boy to the next and whoever held the egg when the clock struck 12 was the winner and retained the egg.
  • Easter is now celebrated (in the words of the Book of Common Prayer) on the first Sunday after the full moon which happens on or after March 21, the Spring Equinox.

For more Easter information… Click here!

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