Shocking Goat – ‘Stay Fresh’ watches!

Shocking Goat is no new surprise to the Seattle scene. But just like everything else in our city… it’s time we showcase what it’s all about. Below is a video from an event that took place at Imusic in downtown Seattle right across from the Experience Music Project (EMP).

The iMUSIC venue provided as the backdrop, a decorative chandelier made of Shocking Goat watches was definitely one of the highlights of the event; there were two parts to the show. Rene Ropas’ Fall collection was the first feature and the second part of the event showcased models dressed as dolls with rhinestones and LED lights. Shocking Goat had a special Chandelier made out of watches which crowned the catwalk all evening long. The night ended with a surprise guest appearance of Mr. Fresh and his dancing gifts as both he and Morgan took to battle on the dancefloor. Shocking Goat was a title sponsor providing all the VIP guests their very own “Fresh” watch.

Mr. Fresh & Morgan Carson Dance Off, ReneRopas Dollhouse Prom from Tenacious Ventures on Vimeo.


The super cool part about these watches are the interchangeable bands. Meaning… you can match to your outfits each and every day! And it won’t break you bank to do so!

The celebrity following on these super cool watches are growing daily. Click here to view some of the celebs who have fallen in love with these watches. Visit the website in order to purchase and read more information on these watches. Special thanks to Charlie from Seattle for giving me the 411 about the watches as he was sporting not one but two bands at Lounge 101 in downtown Seattle.

Visit some Seattle based retailers who are selling these watches.

Deli Boutique: 87 Yesler Way | Seattle, WA | 98104

Kicks N Tees: 3847 Rainier Avenue South | Seattle, WA | 98118

Seduce: 5 Lake Street | Kirkland, WA | 98033-6111

Supreme Cutz: 5239 University Way NE | Seattle, WA | 98105

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