“Sexed by Six” – Noel DeJesus

There are talented people lurking around every corner! Well Talk In the City just so happened to have stumbled across an author, Noel DeJesus who has a book out called ‘Sexed by Six’.

Where are you from?:I am originally from the Bronx, New York, but have been a Soldier at Fort Lewis since April 2007.

What inspired you to write this book?: My inspiration for the book was truly my daughter, Kayla Noelle DeJesus; I have always been a writer, but after she was  born I knew I had to kick it into overdrive and really build a future for her. I started my own business Ink and Concrete Productions with my first product being “Sexed by Six”. I am in the process of writing the sequel already, even though the book was just released June 29, 2011 there has been a heavy calling for a sequel, and my goal is to give the readers what they want, entertaining literature.

Tell us a little about your book! (synopsis): Jason has it all, a beautiful fiance, a good job, and great friends; but it’s not enough.  Seduced by his need to lust, Jason falls victim yet again to a night of casual sex, except this time his partner was no ordinary stranger.  Trapped in a web of deception, Jason tries to twist and turn his way free, only becoming deeper and deeper entangled in his own worst nightmare. With his life crumbling quickly before his own eyes, what will Jason do? What can Jason do?

Balancing Lust and Deception takes the reader thoroughly into the minds of six characters, their lives all fused together in a complex weave of lust, love, friendship, and deception.  With changing point of views every chapter, the reader is personally strapped into this fast pace roller coaster of a read, full of whip lashing turns and unexpected drops.  With drum rolling chapters and relentless suspense, Balancing Lust and Deception is truly a one sitting read.

We strongly suggest you take a moment and visit Noel’s page and purchase a copy of the book! www.inkandconcrete.com


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