Seattle Mist Sold out Game-Headed to Playoffs

The Seattle Mist packed the Showare center with a sold out crowd on January 6th,

2011.  In the Crowd were the Seattle Seahawks players, Russell Okung, Roy Lewis,

Ben Obamanu,  and Former Seahawks Lawyer Milloy.  These players were there to

support and to make to coin toss for the determination of the possession of the ball.  

Way to go fellas!! The support of these men is admirable.  


Seattle Mist Laurel Creel screams in joy after running in a touchdown, Friday, Jan. 6, against the Minnesota Valkyrie. Mist goes on to beat the Valkyrie 32-14.

Seattle Mist are in the race for the Lingerie Football League playoffs after beating the

Minnesota Valkyrie 32-14, Friday, Jan. 6, at the ShoWare Center. Mist quarterback

Laurel Creel started at quarterback and Kam Warner as running back and middle

linebacker lead the team to the win in front of the sold out crowd.

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