K.N.O.E { Knot Now Or Ever }

The ladies of Talk in the City had the opportunity to first meet Leon at the Holiday Grand Opening event at D.j Taber’s Barber and Beauty. It’s not everyday you are enlightened about a story that has effected not only an individual but everyone around them. A survival story, a story the tells you beyond all the odds having a strong will to conquer anything thrown at you will reign supreme. Allow us to introduce you to the masterminds behind the ‘K.N.O.E (NO) clothing line.

Leon Mitchell II- Owner/founder
Robert Miller- co-founder

The message comes from his actual real life battle with cancer. Leon felt it was his mission to share his story and try and inspire people who are going through overwhelming hardships and to show them that even when the odds are heavily stacked against you, you can still put a smile on your face and fight like hell to do whatever it takes to come out ahead. Doctors told him he was going to die and to except the inevitable. Talk about a way to give someone hope. Leon took this as a direct challenge. And here he stands… living, breathing and thriving every single day because he put “Knot Know Or Ever” into his life and mind. His goal is to share this story with the world.

So what’s it all about??

K.N.O.E. (NO) Clothing is a positive lifestyle brand, that was brought to life through our founders hardest hardship in life (CANCER). K.N.O.E. is an acronym for (Knot Now Or Ever) The “not” being spelled with a “K” to represent the shape of our founders cancer ribbon. Knot Now Or Ever was the phrase that helped rejuvenate the will to live in his body. Knot Now Or Ever is a phrase that we want to spread to everyone for them to apply into their own hardships. It’s a phrase that means to Knot Now Or Ever allow any hardship, obstacle, or shortcoming stand in the way of your own personal greatness. To Own your hardship and get through it with a positive attitude! Everyone at one point in time in life will deal with hardships, and it is our mission to help people see a way to get through those hardships! K.N.O.E. isn’t just a brand of clothing it’s a way of positive living and thinking to help us all get to our goals in life and never let our hardships halt us from attaining GREATNESS!!



We are so proud of the accomplishments and success this clothing line has already seen and we fully support it. Email us here at Talk in the City for details of how you can purchase bulk orders for your next upcoming event. Keep the hope and love alive, and spread the message that giving up is not an option.  Knot Now Or Ever! Keep on fighting!!

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