Fashion Discussion: Decorative Undergarments? Yay or Nay?

Is There a Way to Tastefully Wear Decorative Undergarments?


Ok, I’ll admit. I’m a bra Nazi! I will try any and everything to conceal my bra-I’ll buy the proper silhouette for say, a racerback top, then use tape to make sure nothing peeks out. But sometimes, you can’t help but let your bra show!
There are indeed tasteful ways to reveal your bra, but it should always look completely effortless.

I personally think it’s ok to wear a bright or patterned bra, say under a sheer shirt…
Or to slip on a bandeau under a blazer or low cut dress (depending on your frame and bust size)…

If you’re too busty, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from revealing your bra at all, as it can appear trashy…

And I’m also not a huge fan of wearing a regular bra instead of a shirt, regardless of your bust size…

It definitely skews tacky.

So in sum, I’d say: it’s ok to wear a regular bra under something sheer, or to let it peek out a little bit from under a tank:

If you’re going to wear a bra in lieu of a top, go for a bandeau:

But if you just want to wear, say a button down with peek of your flirty, tiered bra, Kelly, it might be a better idea to save it for the bedroom.

What do you guys think?

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