Chris Brown’s Love Triangle


I usually Don’t Get caught up in the Celebrity drama world however recently a story about chris brown sparked my interest. His now former girlfriend Karrueche Tran  left him after Catching Chris and Rhianna hooking up.  It was reported that Chris Is still texting his ex trying to get her back while still hanging out with his old Flame Rhianna.  Is there such a thing as loving two people?   He recently posted a video describing how he really feels.  Check it out!!


After Watching this video I also Checked out his new Music video “Please dont judge me”. This Song’s Lyrics explain it all “Please don’t Judge me and I wont Judge You, Because it can get ugly before it gets beautiful”.  Well truth be told it is already one big ugly mess. There is no doubt this song is Chris’s way of saying to us “LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME LIVE MY LIFE”.   So let us not judge unless we ourselves want to be judged!  In the End of the video i felt like there was some kind of message he was portraying by giving himself up for his country.  Is he getting ready to do something drastic so that we will all just shut up and let him be? or is it just a music video? YOU TELL ME! Check out the Video below and feel free to comment!


Chris Whats going on in that head of yours?. I sometimes feel sorry for him after all it Was Rhianna who cheated on him!! He was forced to move on and meet someone else. Now everyone in the whole world thinks he is the “player”. Im not so sure he is!

-Sarah B.

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